Unveil The Queen In You


We love wearing our queenfidence lipsticks but when was the last time you left your house without wearing any makeup

Sometimes we strive so hard to show the world how beautiful we are from the outside. We hide our pimples, our uneven skintone, our stretch marks etc. We don't want the world to see parts of us we think are flaws. A lot of times we are self-conscious about the way we look. Every day we are bombarded by images that tell us how women "should look".

Today we want to remind you that your beauty comes from the inside. Our brand is about cultivating confidence that comes from within. We want to inspire you to unveil the queen in you. Our confidence should not based on the outward appearance.
It's about learning how to be comfortable in your own body despite what the world tells you. Each one of us carries inside of us a fearless beauty.  A beauty that is not afraid to be seen. There is no one standard of beauty. Each one of us is beautiful in our own way. The more we allow the fearless beauty in us to be seen we become fearless women. A fearless woman is not afraid to be herself.
A fearless woman is not intimidated by another woman's beauty. Insteads she helps other women become fearless like her. Whether we are wearing our queenfidence lippies or not we are still queens. Our beauty and confidence comes from within. When we take the time to unveil the queen within ourselves we empower other women to do the same. So don't be afraid to be yourself!
Will we continue to put on our makeup? Of course! But we will do so knowing that it's never the source of our confidence. So keep on rocking your queenfidence lippies and be reminded that you are a QUEEN with or without makeup.

With love,

Queenfidence Cosmetics Team

May the wings of your eyeliner always be even - Unknown
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