How to achieve a Fearless Summer Look!


Who is ready to bolden their look this summer? Our queenfidence lippies are here to save the day (more like save your summer haha). They are the ultimate for creating an effortless look in no time. But seriously, was there ever an occasion where a bold lipstick didn’t cheer you up or pull your look together even a little?

Putting on lipstick can be a messy process when not applied right. Here’s how to master the art of wearing our bold lipstick in summer:

Step #1: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate



Dead layers of skin on our lips will make lipstick look rough and uneven. It’s important to remove this layer of dead skin cells. You can do this using a sugar scrub, soft bristle toothbrush or a small face cloth.

Step #2 : Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize (optional)

This step is optional because some people prefer not to do it. However our lips can be moisturized before applying the lipstick. Dry lips can make the lipstick feel uncomfortable on your lips. You can apply a hydrating face serum onto your lips, a nourishing oil like coconut oil, or even a balm. After applying the moisturizing oil you can let it stay and then wipe most of it off when applying the lipstick. That way it will allow the lipstick to stay and not transfer.

Step #3:  Apply, Apply, Apply



The last thing you want to do as the finishing touch to doing your makeup is to apply your lipstick. You can use a lip liner to outline the shape of your lips. The nice thing about our queenfidence lipsticks is that they bolden the more layers you put on. So the bolder you want the lipstick it to look the more layers you apply.

Which queenfidence lipstick will you be rocking most this summer?


Inner beauty is great but a little lipstick never hurts - Kolorelle